• Groovy Bee Box

    There are over 200 species of solitary bees in the UK and most are useful pollinators in the garden.

    This natural wooden home provides an artificial nesting site for wild bees, there are holes of various sizes to encourage different species to lay their eggs. Bees will be active from early spring with eggs being laid in the holes and the larvae will develop over the winter and then emerge as adult bees in the next spring. Once in use bees may come back to the same home year after year.

    The box needs to be about 1-2 m above the ground in a sheltered site, ideally catching some morning sun, a nectar source nearby may help but is not critical as they can forage widely and take a diverse range of pollen.

    Every garden should have one and an ideal gift for the wildlife lover.

    Height: 12 cm

    Length: 16 cm

    Width: 19 cm

    These are approximate sizes.


    Weight 1 kg