• Key Hooks

    Laser cut black powder coated recycled metal key hooks are mounted on painted wooden boards, or with a natural wood finish from the off cuts of wood.  All combinations of design and background colour are possible. The picture options are; a Labrador dog, two dogs, a swan and two ducklings, three ducks, a fisherman, a cat, two cats, a cat and a mouse, a horse, two horses, a bird of prey or a hunting scene.

    These come with Brass cup and screw fixings.

    These do vary in size, please get in touch if you have a specific size you need. They range from approximately 24  cms wide and 15 cms high.

    Weight 1.78 kg
    Picture Options

    Labrador dog, Two dogs, Swan and two ducklings, Three ducks, Fisherman, A cat, Two cats, A cat and a mouse, A horse, Two horses, A bird of prey, A hunting scene


    cream, grey, pale green, pale blue, blue


    Small Height: 20 cm Length: 25 cm, Medium Height: 22 cm Length: 43 cm